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Active firewall

Step 1 - Firewall - Firewall protection - Please put some walls around your computer and get a personal firewall, so hackers, worms and other unwanted elements cannot access your computer through the backdoor you leave open. Getting firewall software is a basic step which you should do first.

After installing a firewall, go to step 2 and Install and run anti virus.

  • Just download and install the ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm free firewall, it works on different versions of the Windows Operating System and is updated frequently. I have used this program for years on different Windows platforms and am very satisfied with this free software.

      "ZoneAlarm is free for individual and not-for-profit charitable entity use (exluding governmental entities and educational institutions).". If you are using P2P you can use this to act as a morpheus firewall or a winmx firewall or a firewall for any other P2P file sharing software.

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