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Apply the needed Patches

Step 3 - Apply the needed patches and updates - After you have fenced your computer and cured it, let's work on the construction. Some parts of the construction may be old and need some re-construction. This page will help you to automatically fix the old parts of the operating system and apply patches to update it for known vulnerabilities and weaknesses with window update. You would be foolish not to do so.

When you have updated your operating system, go to step 4 and remove spyware, adware and other forms of malware.

Operating System Critical Security Updates

  • Microsoft "Critical Updates" patch known security holes in your Windows operating system and MUST be applied to prevent your computer from being compromised.
  • Microsoft NEVER sends patches by e-mail. Do not open e-mail attachments claiming to be Microsoft patches. Review How to Tell If a Microsoft Security-Related Message Is Genuine for more information.
  • Microsoft does provide a free e-mail alert service informing subscribers when security update announcements are released. See below.

    Update your Windows Operating System with critical updates
    Windows Users
  • Use Internet Explorer.
  • First time user run Windows Update.
  • Experienced Users:
  • If Automatic Downloading has been set, click "Install" when notified on your desktop that new updates are available to install.
  • OR
    Verify the accuracy of your computer's date / time and then go to to scan your computer and patch your system.
  • You normally will have to restart your computer upon completion.
  • More Information about Windows Update
    One-time Setup
    Windows XP,
    Windows 2000 users with
    Service Pack 3 (SP3)
  • Set Automatic Downloading of Future Critical Updates
  • From this point forward, Windows XP / 2000 users will be prompted on their desktop when critical updates are available.
  • Windows 2000 users with earlier versions can install a patch to allow for automatic updates.
  • E-mail Notification of Microsoft Security Updates
  • Be "In-the-Know"!   Sign-up for e-mail notification when Microsoft security updates are released, along with a description of the problem. Users and those who are not automatically informed of the release of Windows critical updates will find this especially useful.
  • Two formats are available:
  • one for users with limited technical expertise
  • a more detailed version for IT professionals and others with strong technical experience
  • These are informational e-mails only. They DO NOT have patch file attachments.
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